Ever wondered why sleep hits differently in a hotel bedroom? Well, in our fast-paced, loud world, hotels usually design their bedrooms so that the space radiates a zen-like feel with a calm, simple, uncluttered, and serene vibe.

This is simply because the room with such aesthetic features gives our body and mind a break from the outer world, as a perfect retreat to snuggle in. Zen bedroom decor is a versatile design that usually creates a peaceful mood in a minimalistic style, irrespective of its colour scheme. Scroll down to find out how to create a Zen bedroom with our five easy tips!

  • Keep it comfy, minimal, and simple.

Clear the space of everything and add just the essentials if you’re keen on the zen bedroom look. Remember to include the basics, such as a bed, a light, and a nightstand. If you feel the room is a tad bit bland to your liking, maybe add a relatively neutral colour artwork or decors that are subtle and monotonous in hue. To enhance the ambience, pick a curtain or bedsheet cover that’s white or beige and is made from linen or wool for a touch of visual comfort.

  • Space out your furniture

Zen bedrooms are known to have the bare minimum, which also means clutter. It’s key to ensure your belongings are always organised and stored. A spacious bedroom encapsulates the illusion of being in a zen environment, similar to hotels. To achieve this at home, space your furniture with sufficient space for an airy feel that lets you breathe tranquility.

  • Be mindful of natural light & ventilation

Design your room without the hindrance of light and air for a composed and relaxed ambiance. More light offers a more open and roomy appearance for the space, which may be quite advantageous, particularly for small bedrooms. Also, windows in the room act as natural ventilators, preventing your room from feeling congested and cramped.

  • Conceal your storage 

You do not want to be greeted with a pile of unfolded clothes or a messy, untidy room after a long day. Thus, to emphasize a Zen look, keep your storage concealed. You can incorporate plain colour cabinetry that matches the overall colour scheme in your room that ingeniously hides all your clutter and mess behind its closed door. For a clearer floor space, have your cabinetry built in and attached to the walls in your room.

  • Go for soft-themed flooring 

Parquet, as well as any big wooden flooring, is always a secure bet. Parquet floors in shades of white, grey, or other light colours are particularly elegant, but you can also choose coloured parquet as long as it blends in with the decor of the room. For a contemporary or loft setting, resin floor finishing can also be very comfy.

However, if you decide to go for a budget-friendly option by choosing carpets to intensify the zen vibe, remember to colour coordinate them to match the floor’s colour or remain in the spectrum of moleskin, khaki, and grey.

For an extra tip, plants have a calming impact due to their soothing green tones and the oxygen they emit.  For instance, bonsai trees or hanging terrariums are typical zen décor elements you can consider adding to your room as well!

Needless to say, with these tips, you can now refurbish or give your room a much-needed makeover to unwind and escape into a cosy and exceptional vicinity that serves you with the right amount of serenity!

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