In recent years, cork has gained popularity as more than just a bottle stopper. The natural and renewable material is now widely being used as a flooring option because of its durability, key qualities, and stunning aesthetics.

Malaysian homes and businesses have also started to tap on this top-tier material and incorporate it into their homes and properties. If NASA has approved this material, there’s no reason you shouldn’t too.

Here are all the reasons you need to incorporate this flooring option into your space.


Wicanders BDC

Cork is prominently known for its durability and this ability has proved to stand the test of time. This material is noted to have been used in the construction of Barcelona’s largest iconic building, the Sagrada Familia Cathedral because its natural material perfectly harmonized with the space while maintaining its durability through time. According to Cork experts, Wicanders, cork has virtually unlimited durability and keeps all its features throughout the product’s lifetime.

Sound Absorbent

Cork absorbs sounds efficiently, the material reduces sound and noise vibration by trapping it in its cells structure. This makes it the perfect flooring and wall option for event venues. The Wicanders cork flooring is currently specified to be used in the VIP and pre-function areas of the first Zepp Hall in Kuala Lumpur scheduled to open in Q1 2021.


BDC Wicanders

The classic cork design makes for a stylish option for your floors and even feature walls. If you’re not a fan of the classic look, the folks at Wicanders offer variants that mimic cement, graphite, oak, and other popular wood flooring options. It’s stylish looks alongside its eco-friendly characteristics make it a popular option for hotels like the Hilton Hotel chain who are currently working with Wicanders to revamp their spaces.


Did you know that the world’s most sustainable insulation solution is cork? Expanded insulation corkboards are used due to its thermal and acoustic insulation properties being 100% natural, durable, and renewable. These are the properties that have influenced NASA and ESA to use cork as an insulation solution for the beginning of space exploration. The material is used in the main combustion chamber of the space shuttle.


Wicanders BDC

Due to its honeycomb structure, comprised of millions of air-filled cells, cork is an elastic material. This makes Wicanders flooring a good shock absorber, preventing damage to falling mobile phones, plunging plates, and even tumbling toddlers. The impact-resistant quality alongside all the aforementioned characteristics has made cork a prime candidate for flooring and walls in Malaysian homes.

Find out more about cork floors here.

Wicanders flooring and walls are a great option for your home, office, and even retail space. It’s a durable material that comes with warranties of up to 25 years. Contact BDC today for more information!


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