Storage Mistakes That Unknowingly Make Your House Messier

Storage Mistakes That Unknowingly Make Your House Messier

Jyy Wei Tan by Jyy Wei Tan on Aug 15, 2016
Why you should care

Is clutter a common thing in your home? Here are some organisation and storage mistakes to stop doing now for a mess-free home.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of – we all use our desks and chairs as clothes hangers, our floors as shoe racks, and our drawers as the ‘non-recyclable’ bin.

Before you wave the white flag, know that your clutter might not be an indication of a messy personality, but rather simple storage mistakes.

The good news is, once you know the most common organisation and storage mistakes, the fixes are really straightforward.

1 Hiding Clutter

A quick clean up trick most of us are guilty of is placing visible clutter in the closet or storeroom. Trouble begins when we not only leave said items there, but start building other clutter piles.

It’s not wrong to temporarily hide things somewhere, as long as you have the discipline to actually clear the mess up permanently after. So the faster you get rid of that temporary clutter, the better.

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An even better way to manage this is to have dedicated storage bins for things you reach for often, like remote controls and slippers. This way, you have a nice, dedicated space to chuck them without feeling guilty. Just make sure to put them back after you’re done with them!

2 Unorganised Organisers

Throwing your stuff into a box or drawer isn’t organisation. We’re talking about that messy cabinet of plastic bags in the kitchen, or tea and coffee packets scattered in a drawer.

Organise the insides of your drawers, cabinets and shelves with dividers or containers such as bins, baskets, and cups. This helps make your storage even more well-organised and visually appealing. Plus, it’ll save you time when you need to find an item.

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3 Buying Unnecessary Organisers

We know it’s tempting to get that cute container on sale or that spice rack from that infomercial, but buying without knowing the actual type or size needed might result in them being unused, contributing to the clutter – isn’t it ironic?

Instead, try repurposing other household items such as shoeboxes or paint buckets to help you organize. You’d save a few bucks and make mother nature proud.

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If you’ve already determined what you need, then opt for flexible and foldable organizer alternatives as they’ll take up less space.

4 Hoarding Broken or Non-Functional Items

Many of us hold onto things we don’t actually need because of an emotional connection. While it’s not wrong to hold on to a memory or items with sentimental value, they tend to accumulate and create clutter.

Instead of holding on to that scented candle you got as a gift or salt shaker door gift you don’t like, keep the greeting cards, letters, or labels you got with those gifts. This way, those items can be given to someone who will actually use them, and you’ll get to keep a piece of that memory in a paper. Frame it up for keepsake!

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5 Stocking up Too Much

Do you really need 5 tubes of toothpastes? Are you sure you’d finish those packets of keropok within the expiry period?

Some you’ll save some money, but overdoing it decreases your already limited storage space. If possible, try to only buy items which you know you would be using soon. You’d be amazed at how much cleaner your home will look if you limit the items you have.

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6 Not Getting Everyone Involved

The habits of the other members of your household are very likely contributing to your home’s organising issues. Besides, items that are used by everyone, such as food, kitchen and bathroom supplies, need to be kept in a way that everyone can find them. So do make sure that you have the cooperation of everyone in your household when it comes to storage and keeping clutter away!

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Why you should care

Is clutter a common thing in your home? Here are some organisation and storage mistakes to stop doing now for a mess-free home.

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