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Clever interior design ideas can maximise space in a small room – perfect for smaller apartments!

With soaring real estate prices and smaller family units, homes are shrinking in size. Hang on – that doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your stuffed toys or sense of style.

More and more people are living in compact spaces and high rise buildings like condominiums and apartments out of choice. While savings are always a plus, a smaller home also reduces cleaning time and encourages you to cut the clutter.

Whether it’s embracing minimalism or maximising the space you have, here are some ways you can spruce up your cosy home with interior design.

Foldout or Foldaway Furniture

Drop leaf tables aren’t actually made of leaves, but they’re still a great way to instantly add work or eating space when you need it.

Alternatively, opt for fold-up desks or dining tables, or fashion a kitchen counter that slides away when not in use.

foldaway kitchen table

SOURCE: wakecares.com

Murphy beds – or fold-out wall beds – work along the same principles and are ideal in apartments or homes without a distinct bedroom area. Foldaway furniture can even mean wheeled, mobile pieces that can be moved from room to room depending on your needs.

foldaway bed

SOURCE: bonbon.co.uk

If you want to up your game, there are entire bedroom and kitchen sets that fold away into contained cabinets. The future is here.

blackhawk trunk

SOURCE: bonjourlife.com

Multifunctional Pieces

A bench that’s also a shoe rack! A book shelf that’s also a wall partition! A coffee table that’s also a dining table!

While you can find hidden purposes in pieces you already own, convertible furniture is an emerging market filled with fun, quirky designs that make great conversation pieces.

bed with storage

SOURCE: inhabitat.com

A good sofa bed can be just as comfy, and doubles up as a snazzy addition to your living room.

Petite Furniture

Proportions and scale are important elements to keep in mind – match your dainty space with dainty furniture. Choose tables and chairs that come with narrow, open bases and see-through glass or acrylic tops.

petite furniture

SOURCE: omahedw.pw

Clever Storage

Having less space doesn’t mean you have to do with less; you just have to be smart about storage. Look for beds, chairs, or ottomans with hollow storage space.

bed storage

SOURCE: slewo.com

Floor-to-wall shelves help to define your space while tight shelves under staircases or in nooks make the most of the space you own.

staircase storage

SOURCE: insideout.com.au

Find your balance: having too many items out in the open can make your small space look cramped and messy, while too much concealed storage hides the little quirks that lend personality to your apartment and gives your room a closed off, unlived-in air.

Smoke and Mirrors

Wall-to-wall mirrors or shiny surfaces can make your room look larger than it really is. Lighter colours work the same way, lending hidden depths and height to a room. Choose fabrics and furniture that are similar in tone, as the blending creates an unbroken line that enlarges the space.

neutral colour bedroom

SOURCE: decordots.com

If there are windows in the room, hang your curtain rod close to the ceiling instead of above the window frame. This works sideways too – stretch the rod past the actual sides of the pane.

You can also move furniture away from walls for the illusion of space, though this might mean you’re not fully utilising what little you have. Nevertheless, this can be great for living or dining rooms where feelings trump functions.

Why you should care

Clever interior design ideas can maximise space in a small room – perfect for smaller apartments!

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