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Living rooms are a reflection of your entire home. These Malaysian living rooms curated by local interior designers are proof that a stunning living space is only the beginning of a stunning home.

A good looking living room more often than not indicates an overall good looking home. Apart from the exterior of your home, the living room is where guests get the first impression of your space so you’ll want to stun them.

These Malaysian homes house some of the best living room designs we’ve seen. From dark hues to eye-catching leather couches, we have them all.

Encapsulating a contemporary theme, this living room space oozes style. We love the combination of neutral tones that tie this room together.


Simple, clean, and stunning. Take note of how this minimalist living room shines even without a ton of decor or elements. All you need is a statement sofa to make your room stand out.


To be honest, this room has a spot in our hearts because of how they made use of eye-catching rugs that elevate the style of the home. The addition of a pool table doesn’t hurt either!


You don’t need a large space to make an impact. Check out how this interior designer created an appealing living room nook with the use of a feature wall, a bold tone, and simple furniture.


Good spatial planning is an important part of designing a living space. This contemporary modern living room shows you how to place your furniture while maintaining a balance and allowing room to move.


A pop of colour and a stunning chandelier is a great way to upgrade your living room! The teal armchairs especially are a great addition.


Who says you need a television to complete the living room? This contemporary living space looks like an art deco installation without the addition of modern-day electronics.


Stylish living rooms don’t always have to feature over the top pieces of furniture, check out how this home allowed the overall aesthetic of the home to be the main focal point by using minimalist and simple furniture.


We love how the central focus of this space isn’t the sofas but instead the sleek wall panelling that is used for storage.


Not only is this living room stunning it’s also absolutely cosy! From the comfy couch to the calming tones, we can see ourselves destressing here after a long day at work.


With an overall white theme, this living room space takes on a more classic theme that boasts an elegant and soothing ambience.


A good leather couch is all it takes to have a statement piece in your home. Tie all your other furniture to that focal point and you’ll have a room as gorgeous as this.


Reinstating what we said above, a statement leather couch is a good investment not only for the comfort of your living room but to elevate the aesthetics of your space too!


All you need to make a good living room is a good couch, a coffee table, and a rug. Only one our of these three should be your feature piece and to be honest, the rug in this room takes the cake.


Doesn’t this living room just take you back in time? We love the rustic vintage theme they opted for. This living room will surely make a lasting impression!


Flaunting major industrial and contemporary themes, this home in Cyberjaya is one-of-a-kind. The living room features leather couches and metal elements that give it a very masculine vibe.


We love how this living room opens into the garden giving the residents a gorgeous view alongside abundant sunlight and fresh air. The subdued colour scheme indoors perfectly balance the lush greenery outdoors.


Pairing zen themes with modern decor, this cosy and calming residence is a dream. The soft tones and replica Shoji feature walls come together to create a stunning living room.


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Why you should care

Living rooms are a reflection of your entire home. These Malaysian living rooms curated by local interior designers are proof that a stunning living space is only the beginning of a stunning home.

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