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From cement tiles to luxury vinyl flooring, here are 5 types of flooring that’ll help keep you and your home cool throughout the Malaysian heat!

Living in Malaysia, we’re always looking for solutions to create a cooler and breezier environment at home. And with the rising temperatures we’re facing in this eternal summer, we’re sure most of us have air conditioning all day, every day, to create a comfortable atmosphere. 

However, we often overlook some long-lasting features that beat the heat effortlessly. One of the ways is by incorporating flooring that specifically helps to regulate the temperature at home while keeping us feeling cool and comfy. And, of course, in a tropical country like Malaysia, we’ve got to take into consideration the humidity and sun exposure that comes with it and make sure the flooring we choose has little to no effect from it. So, if you’re still blasting that AC, read on below to see five types of flooring that are perfect for hot and humid climates. 

1. Cement or concrete flooring

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No longer exclusive to industrial and commercial sites, cement or concrete flooring, especially when polished or glazed, exudes a sleek and minimalist appearance. Commonly found in eco-friendly or industrial homes, cement and concrete flooring can absorb and release heat slowly. Because of this, they stay naturally cool, which is a great choice for Malaysian homeowners. Aside from that, they’re both very durable while having low maintenance qualities.

Our pick: Cementum by Niro Granite

One that caught our eyes is Niro Granite’s Cementum range of cement tiles. Having a more flexible approach to cement flooring, the tiles come in three colours, white, beige and grey, alongside three different sizing options, allowing for ample design possibilities. 

2. Natural stone

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You can’t go wrong with stone flooring to keep your home cool throughout the day. Great at temperature control, natural stone such as marble, granite and quartzite also boasts immense style and sophistication. Besides that, its strength and resilience, paired with its low-maintenance needs, make it a great choice for making your home comfortable in the heat.

Our pick: Natural Infinity Series by Ceratrade

Ceratrade offers some of the best and most stunning marble slabs in its 900*2700mm Natural Infinity Series. From stress-relieving marble tiles to slabs resembling an oil painting of green hills, the stones are sure to add a touch of elegance and coolness to your home.

3. SPC flooring

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Stone Plastic Composite, or SPC as it’s commonly known, works well in hot and humid weather. Essentially made with layers that include a rigid SPC core that prevents expansion and contraction, a wear layer, and a UV layer to avoid damage from sun exposure, this flooring stays cool underfoot while being incredibly durable, water-resistant, and stable. 

Our pick: SPC Flooring by Excel Floor

Boasting many SPC flooring options, Excel Floor provides a range of sizes from 3.8mm up to 5.5mm. Consisting mostly of realistic wooden appearances, the brand features an array of sleek options, including a herringbone pattern.

4. Porcelain tiles 


Using high-grade clays and fired at high temperatures and pressures, porcelain tiles are much harder, dense and long-lasting compared to ceramic tiles. Thanks to its ability to stay cool underfoot, they make an excellent choice for homes in Malaysia. They’re also highly durable, water-resistant and less porous than many other materials, so you don’t have to worry about mould forming from humidity or contact with water. Though it may be slightly pricier, they’re definitely a smart investment in the long run!

Our pick: Terrazzo by Feruni

Known for its innovative modular tiles, Feruni’s porcelain materials come in both minimalist and artistic styles. But what immediately caught our eye was its Terrazzo collection, coming in eight shades ranging from brilliant to muted and monochromatic. Available in matte, lappato and natural finishes, Feruni’s Terrazzo porcelain tiles add a dash of charm to any space. 

5. Luxury vinyl flooring (LVF)

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Last but not least is luxury vinyl flooring (LVF). Comfortable to walk on and easy to install, LVF is also perfect in warm and humid conditions, as it stays cool even when the weather is scorching. A great feature about LVF is that it doesn’t get damaged by moisture, so you don’t have to worry about it warping or becoming mouldy. Not only that, cleaning is super easy when it comes to LVF – simply sweep or mop it occasionally. 

Our pick: Camaro from Polyflor

Available in many natural-looking styles, the Camaro collection from Polyflor features an array of realistic reproductions of wood, stone and metal designs. Available in planks and tiles, the line boasts a quieter underfoot and is resistant to impact, making it perfect for any residential space. 

As certain factors are able to contribute to a warmer home and deteriorating flooring materials, it’s always a good idea to consider the climate you live in before choosing flooring for your home. Thankfully, these options do a great job of hindering heat, moisture damage and a hefty electricity bill!

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Why you should care

From cement tiles to luxury vinyl flooring, here are 5 types of flooring that’ll help keep you and your home cool throughout the Malaysian heat!

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