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Turn your tiny balcony into a garden, café, or even a lounge with this lookbook.

What do small balconies and Chihuahuas have in common? They’re both small, easier to maintain, and don’t know their full potential!

Balconies are a common sight in every city, but how many of us bother to give it the same attention we give the other parts of our home?

What has the potential to be your home’s centrepiece is mostly used for drying clothes and letting plants die, but not anymore! Here are 22 ideas for what you can do with your tiny balcony:

1 Lounging Around

Fun deck chairs can make a significant difference.

deck chair

SOURCE: thewowdecor.com

But the real secrets to a comfy lounge are cushions, candles, flowers, and your beverage of choice.

balcony loft

SOURCE: L: myparadissi.com; R: viewofcarla.de

balcony decor ideas

SOURCE: L: Pinterest user planete-deco.fr; R: Pinterest user trendeser.se

Don’t be afraid to go crazy – paint the floor or even hang curtains.

balcony decor

SOURCE: L: creativetouchdesign.net; R: thewowdecor.com

2 Secret Garden

Just like any garden, balcony botanicals need the same amount of love and care. So be sure to pick plants that don’t require large spaces. If you’re not a green finger, choose plants that don’t need much fussing, like cacti.

If you don’t have much floor space, then why not store your plants upwards.

balcony plants

SOURCE: L: homezilla.net; R: icresi.com

Window boxes on your railings are also a space-efficient way to decorate small balconies. Plus, your fuchsia flowers will make your neighbours green with envy at your adept gardening skills.

balcony garden

SOURCE: thebalconygardener.com

3 Tea for Two

Like spending time at cafes? Why not create your own.

Start with some nice chairs and a table, or even a mini countertop to save floor space.

balcony dining area

SOURCE: L: homeandgarden.com.sg; R: Pinterest user houseandgarden

Almost any space can be turned into a coffee spot.

balcony dining area

SOURCE: L: smartguidepedia.com; R: Pinterest user mini-saia.blogs.sapo.pt

4 Hanging Out (Literally)

If you think hammocks and hanging chairs are only limited to big gardens then you’re in for a treat!

balcony hammock

SOURCE: interiordesignwiki.com

This can even be done in a loft or near large windows.

balcony hammock

SOURCE: L: apartmenttheraphy.com; R: drawhome.com

balcony hammock

SOURCE: L: essenziale-hd.com; R: room-decorating-ideas.com

5 Reading Corner

Sometimes you just need to get away from the world’s troubles (i.e. housemate) and dive into a book. All you really need is a cosy seat and a great book.

reading area balcony

SOURCE: L: homedit.com; R: eatwell101.com

reading corner balcony

SOURCE: crystalrichard.com

We hope you’ve been inspired! But before you go perform an extreme makeover, here are a few things to take note of:

  • The weather in your area (e.g. strong winds and heavy downpours).
  • Your building’s policy and safety regulations for exterior modifications.
  • If you’re renting the unit, then it’s best not to do any permanent changes to the balcony.
  • Ensure all pots and planters are fastened securely to prevent accidents.
Why you should care

Turn your tiny balcony into a garden, café, or even a lounge with this lookbook.

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