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We’ve listed down some of the more promising developments in Klang Valley for young working adults.

Living in the Klang Valley as a young professional is truly a unique experience. You’re building your career, exploring the city’s dynamic energy, and craving a comfortable yet trendy place to call home. Condominiums offer the perfect solution, providing convenience, security, and, often, amenities that cater to your fast-paced lifestyle.

Choosing the right condo can feel overwhelming with so many options, so we’re highlighting some of the hottest condos for young professionals in the Klang Valley. We’ve gone beyond just location to explore the specific features, helping you find the perfect launchpad for your city life.

1. Sunway Flora Residences

Location: Bukit Jalil 

Price: From RM 693,000

Built-up: From 1,055 to 1,507 sq. ft.

Sunway Flora Residences offers a unique blend of city living and nature’s embrace. This freehold development boasts over 4 acres of dedicated green spaces, featuring a linear park, jogging paths, and a swimming pool, ideal for unwinding after a busy day. Perfect for those who want a healthy work-life balance without sacrificing city access.

2. M Astra 

Location: Setapak

Price: From RM 399,000

Built-up: From 850 to 1,044 sq. ft.

M Astra offers serviced apartments that seamlessly blend modern living with breathtaking city views. Digital amenities and a secure environment provide peace of mind, while the trendy Setapak location keeps you close to the action. Ideal for young professionals seeking a stylish and convenient lifestyle. The development’s completion in 2025 makes it an attractive option for those seeking a brand-new space.

3. Datum Jelatek

Location: Ampang Hilir

Price: From RM 500,000 to RM 1,400,000

Built-up: From 557 to 1,660 sq. ft.

Datum Jelatek is an integrated development offering the best of both worlds – a comfortable home and a smart investment. Spacious balconies, high-quality finishes, and a central location surrounded by amenities provide an unparalleled living experience. This completed development is perfect for professionals seeking a luxurious and well-connected space.

4. Laurel Residence 

Location: Bangsar South

Price: From RM 450,000

Built-up: From 495 to 903 sq. ft.

Experience affordable luxury in the heart of trendy Bangsar South. The development offers a variety of recreational facilities and stylishly designed units at an attractive price point. With a 2025 completion date, it’s an excellent option for young urbanites seeking a vibrant community and a smart investment.

5. GAIA Residences

Location: Rawang

Price: From RM 250,000 to RM 707,800

Built-up: From 250 to 900 sq. ft.

GAIA Residences provides thoughtfully designed units with flexible layouts that can be adapted to create home offices or extra living space. The focus on modern amenities like co-working spaces cater to the evolving needs of young professionals. This development is ideal for those seeking affordability and a focus on modern living.

6. Maya Ara Residences

Location: Ara Damansara

Price: From RM 594,800 to RM 894,800

Built-up: From 764 to 1,055 sq. ft.

Maya Ara Residences offers a unique opportunity to choose from various interior design styles, allowing residents to personalise their space. The development boasts a strong community feel with its focus on social areas. With a 2024 third-quarter completion estimate, this development is a good option for those seeking a stylish and social living experience. 

7. The Era II 

Location: Segambut

Price: From RM 650,000

Built-up: From 600+ to 1300+ sq. ft.

The Era, Duta North, offers intriguing potential for young professionals. This high-rise development boasts freehold tenure, potentially lower costs per square foot, and a proposed world of amenities like a Forest Village, Moon Decks, and a 100-meter pool. This property is an intriguing prospect for young professionals seeking a feature-rich, affordable condo in a well-connected location.

With their strategic locations, modern amenities, and focus on community, these developments offer more than just a place to live – they offer a launchpad for your success and a vibrant hub to connect with like-minded individuals.

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Why you should care

We’ve listed down some of the more promising developments in Klang Valley for young working adults.

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