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Interior Design Budget
RM 200,000
8 weeks
Completion Year
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Luna Plus Design Sdn Bhd A1-13-9 Arcoris Business Suites
Jalan Kiara
50480 WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

We are delighted to unveil our latest completed project: a breathtaking property gallery interior design that embodies the essence of Japandi with a touch of tranquility in sage green. Embracing the minimalist philosophy of Japanese simplicity and Scandinavian elegance, the space exudes an air of serenity and sophistication.

As you step into the gallery, you'll be captivated by the harmonious interplay of textures and colors. The main color theme, a soothing sage green, envelops the space, creating a serene ambiance that invites exploration. To add depth and character, we combined two wood and cement textures for the flooring, connecting the indoors with nature's tranquility.

Whether you're a property enthusiast or a connoisseur of impeccable design, our property gallery offers a unique experience that celebrates the fusion of Japandi minimalism and the calming allure of sage green. We cordially invite you to immerse yourself in this oasis of tranquility and sophistication. Come, experience, and be inspired by the seamless harmony of our latest interior masterpiece

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