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Interior Design Budget
RM 90,000
4 weeks
Completion Year
Property Value
RM 2,270,000
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No 20-1 Jalan SS 2/61
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Interior Design Project Info

This residential project seamlessly blends contemporary design with a bold departure from convention, placing wood at the forefront of its narrative. The initial impression of modernity is enriched by high, cove-lit ceilings, full-height curtains, and a pervasive use of timber in prints and palettes. However, the design distinguishes itself through thoughtful interventions, such as wide eaves and sharply angled detailing, challenging conventional norms. The eclectic character of the condominium unit is a celebration of diverse influences, notably drawing inspiration from Melbourne's Federation Square Building, particularly evident in the Living Hall. Throughout the living spaces, wood emerges as a protagonist, shaping a narrative that transcends traditional boundaries, creating a residence where innovation lies in subtle nuances, and the essence of wood remains a timeless, unifying force.

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