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12 weeks
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Headquarter No.64, Jalan Enau 15,
Taman Teratai,
81300 Skudai
Johor, Malaysia
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The owner came to us with the idea of turning the small living space into a grand entertainment space to invite friends. Our design intends to turn the entire ground floor plan to a highly connected space with all the private bedrooms located on the upper level. Fluted glass has been used with two intentions relating to its property - to connect and segregate spaces at the same time. The large glazing and sliding door blurs out the boundary between the indoor and outdoor and allows the owner to free up spaces by simply opening the door. The circular holes on the TV wall emphasise human movement and allow light to penetrate through the dark stairways. The material was selected from a simple and warm material palette which created a warm, spacious and well-lit space to stay in.

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