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52 weeks
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Interior Design & Architectural Project Info

The name of the project, come from significant "Side GABLE" roof shape of this building. This double storey corner terrace house has been renovated to give it a fresh face-lift. For interior part, its added a mezzanine floor to fully utilized the area gained by the slanted roof while. The combination of grey and white looks sleek on the façade of a modern building. The aluminum strip at the facade of the building provide privacy while allowing airflow.
The overall design concept for this residential project is centered around the idea of "children's growth" and creating a space that encourages creativity, learning, and social interaction.
The open-plan design on the ground floor allows for a spacious and free-flowing atmosphere. Upon entering the home, visitors are greeted with a split-level layout, with the right side designated for entertaining guests and the left side serving as a study and activity area for children. The face-to-face long table provides an interactive space for kids to work and play together.
In the semi-outdoor area, glass bricks are used instead of traditional stone walls, allowing for natural light to enter the indoor and semi-outdoor spaces while promoting good air circulation.
The master bedroom is designed with a touch of classical elements, adding a sense of refinement to the space.
An independent entrance area provides a peaceful escape with a massage chair for relaxation.
Three young boys share one bedroom, growing and bonding together as they create a fun and dreamy space with personalized touches.
The "house within a house" concept offers each child a private space to release the pressure accumulated from academic studies, as they engage in their favorite activities, such as building with Lego bricks on the designated Lego wall.
On the first floor, the living room is designed with a neutral color scheme, complemented with splashes of colorful accents and unique shapes, creating a playful and welcoming atmosphere for all.

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