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8 weeks
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Refine Design Atelier PLT B-13A-9,
53100 Setapak
WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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The Chic House was tailor-made to fulfill the clients’ exact needs. A homemade design to function and operate as Airbnb for a chill and cozy short-term living concept. With very limited budget, we transformed the dark and tight interior spaces into open concept by removing some partition walls with minimal layout intervention and completely retained the existing structure, as a result, a small double storey terrace house immaculately transformed to a marginally larger than the average terrace house. Open space planning linking between living,
dining and kitchen space allow the continue flow of spatial quality, it opens up to the rear courtyard where the outdoor terrace allow for breakfast, spill out or barbeque activity but privacy is protected by a perimeter wall, this idea is perfect for gather, congregate, vacation and any bigger event purposes for Airbnb.The central bar counter is designed to utilized the existing pillar to create extra seating and also serve as chill out space for afternoon tea, and it helps create a seamless transition between the living and dining spaces.We created a new large glass panel in the façade, strategically placed at the side of living area with integrated seating design so that it creates connection between outside and inside of the house. This new glass window also increasing the light and perspectives through the houseand yet providing a soft, airy and bright atmosphere. Clean, warmth and vibrant colour palette interior was chosen to elevate the chic and chill vibe, couple with some highlighted wall with emerald Balinese green, pigeon blue color andwhite wall give pleasing contrast to the internal space but yet allows for a sense of intimacy and comfort. The use of white and black subway tile for bathrooms further embodies the
chicly atmosphere of the house.Main strategy to achieve a good level of design for this project is to focus on the quality of space, natural light and most importantly, the functionality and practicality of the space, for the exact Airbnb requirement of the owner, where priority was placed on revamping the Interior spaces while maintaining most of the exterior facade features. From the front, all the way to the back of the house, the internal spaces were arranged to form a continuous flow of space for maximum cross ventilation. Time, resources and economical material are spent onachieving the spatial quality instead of investing on expensive materials. Minimalist design
but addressing more visual and spatial connectivity, for better social interaction

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