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Interior Design & Architectural Budget
RM 580,000
28 weeks
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Our client inherited an old house and weren’t sure of the best course of option; renovate or rebuild. Innerbelle, we were consulted and came to conclusion; tear down and rebuild considering few main factors and preferences during our first few conversations with each of family members; parent and 3 boys. The old house “don’t have the atmosphere Mr & Mrs Tan are looking for and don’t have much natural light,” Mr. Tan said. “Ceilings are low; windows are small.” The design, by Innerbelle, ensuring the house have more air, more light, more space and more volume, with “quick and easy access to the outside and a lot of car park area.”. We took off the journey with the client to turn this old house into spacious and natural-homey house.

Design Concept: Luxury and Homey
Unique Element: Incorporate feng-shui in the design.
Client Testimonial: "When we first met Amy, designer from Innerbelle, we just clicked. She listened, offered advice as to the service they could provide, showed us samples and took the time to listen. We left feeling very optimistic that we had found the right person and team for the job in hand.

Amy accommodate what my family need and want and act accordingly. A design company that works for my family, realizes my budgets and clears every step with me before ordering.

We love the finished house so much, and suit my feng-shui elements that we're contemplating a complete move to it.

We would refer Innerbelle for sure.".... Mr and Mrs Tan, 2017.

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