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12 weeks
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50480 Sri Hartamas
WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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White rustic is a unique and charming interior design style that combines the rustic elements of natural textures and weathered materials with a predominantly white color palette. It embraces the simplicity and coziness of rustic design while adding a touch of elegance and brightness through the use of white tones. This combination creates a serene and inviting atmosphere with a rustic yet refined aesthetic.

The color palette of white rustic revolves around various shades of white, including off-white, cream, and ivory. These light hues form the base color, creating a clean and airy backdrop that reflects natural light and enhances the spaciousness of the room. The use of white also brings a sense of purity and tranquility to the space.

Natural materials play a crucial role in white rustic design. Wood, particularly reclaimed or distressed wood, is a prominent feature, adding warmth and texture to the overall aesthetic. Exposed wooden beams, reclaimed hardwood floors, or wooden furniture pieces with a weathered finish contribute to the rustic charm. Additionally, stone, woven textiles like jute or linen, and other natural materials further enhance the organic feel of the space.

The white rustic style embraces simplicity and embraces the imperfections of natural elements. Furniture and decor often have a handmade or vintage look, with distressed finishes and worn-out textures. This adds character and a sense of history to the space, evoking a cozy and lived-in atmosphere.

In terms of accessories and accents, white rustic design incorporates rustic and vintage elements. Decorative items like antique lanterns, wooden crates, woven baskets, and farmhouse-inspired decor add a touch of rustic charm. Soft textiles, such as white linen curtains, cotton throws, and fluffy rugs, contribute to the cozy and inviting ambiance.

Lighting in white rustic design aims to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Soft and warm lighting fixtures, such as vintage-inspired pendant lights or wrought iron chandeliers, add a touch of rustic elegance and create a cozy glow in the space. Natural light is also maximized through the use of sheer or lightweight curtains, allowing sunlight to filter through and brighten the room.

In conclusion, white rustic design blends the simplicity and coziness of rustic elements with a predominantly white color palette, resulting in a serene and inviting space. Through the use of natural materials, distressed finishes, vintage accents, and warm lighting, it creates a charming and rustic yet elegant atmosphere. The combination of white tones and rustic elements provides a unique and refreshing take on the rustic style.

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