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24 weeks
Completion Year
Property Value
RM 1,300,000
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Suria Service Suite 6-22, Jalan Sri Bintang
52100 Segambut
WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

The BLACK color have a lot of personality and bold presence. It give an edgy and aesthetically pleasing look. Each piece in this space design is as bold and strong as the masculine color scheme. The balance the use of Black as the predominant color throughout the house with natural wood & leather tones to provide a calming contrast and to create more interest to the space like the dramatically black veined marble. Incorporating golden accents and authentic peranakan collection to add a little sparks to the all-black room will create a unique and avant-garde atmosphere. 一個被用心設計的空间里,擁抱黑色的設計靈感,融入了主人对向往成熟穩重生活的某种期待。黑+原木+皮革,瞬間融化了冰冷的黑色空间,為居室注入一抹靈動的氣息,打破了原有的平靜與肅然。身為峇峇娘惹的後代,融入傳統娘惹文化的收藏点缀, 让傳統娘惹文化走入現代生活, ,与現代的高级黑同時綻放放,造就了獨一無二的空间。

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