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47100 Bandar Puteri Puchong
Selangor, Malaysia
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A penthouse should showcase a lifestyle that’s in tune with its surroundings. This large 6500 sqft condo is equipped with a private outdoor pool, large floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking KL City and surrounding balcony, creating an open facade and allowing plenty of natural lights.

Open and spacious- the combined living, dining and dry kitchen area is designed in an open space layout with the large windows as its backdrop, allowing unobstructed view of the fabulous city skyline. There's also a glass-enclosed sky bridge connecting living spaces to private family areas, with an L-shaped rooftop garden surrounding the family room. This modern luxury concept condo is swathed in organic materials and neutral natural tones. From white to black marbles, dark tone wood, gold, raw unpolished stones, coloured mirrors and textile laminates – the wide variety of materials seems to add a sense of layered complexity to create an aesthetic that leans just as much toward chic as it does luxury. A visitor will never run out of charming details to explore, and every glance reveals something new. The intricate level of detail, especially seen in the custom laser cut panels by the foyer, makes the space feel refined and appealing.

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