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Interior Design Budget
RM 5,000,000
24 weeks
Completion Year
Property Value
RM 25,000,000
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Bukit Jalil City Block J-2-3, Jalan Persiaran Jalil 1,
Bukit Jalil
57000 Bukit Jalil
WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+601432xxxx +6016315xxxx
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Interior Design Project Info

Seong Hoe Premium Motors seamlessly blends industrial charm with contemporary sophistication atmosphere blend with earthy tone and emphasis with a touch of industrials style to integrate in the Mini Car Showroom.

The backdrop of the showroom is composed of classic red bricks, meticulously arranged to evoke an industrial yet inviting atmosphere. The inherent warmth and timelessness of the bricks create a unique canvas for showcasing sleek automobiles, setting the stage for a captivating automotive experience.

A highlight for textured paint applied with precision to the spaces between the red bricks. This textured layer, in a complementary neutral tone, not only softens the ruggedness of the bricks but also introduces a tactile quality to the wall. The combination of the red bricks and textured paint forms a visually striking backdrop that complements the sleek lines of the showcased cars.

Lighting play a big role as well to placed lighting fixtures, track lights or spotlights, highlight the cars on display while casting a warm glow on the textured wall. This interplay of exterior nature sunlight and shadow enhances the depth and texture of the wall, creating a dynamic and visually engaging showroom.

To integrating minimalist and contemporary elements into the space. Display stands, greenery wall panel, and clean lines in the furniture and fixtures. These elements harmonize with the red brick design, adding to the overall modern aesthetic of the showroom It invites visitors to experience the automotive world in a setting that is both inviting and visually captivating.

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