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Crea Space Interior Design Eko Cheras
56000 Cheras
WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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When time has left its mark on this old home for 15 years, a second lease of life through renovation breathes new vitality into the house.

The design of the old house renovation pays particular attention to the practicality of space planning. The old colour in the centre of living room is no longer obstacles; they have been transformed into exquisite cabinets, providing additional storage space. This change not only enhances space utilization but also adds a delightful corner to the living room, creating a sense of cethe home. The dark brown adds an atmospheric touch to the home, while the use of black wood grain creates a more layered and elegant space, emphasizing the warmth of the family and luxury at the same time.

The master bedroom, on the other hand, features a combination of light grey and creamy white, highlight with some gold inlay, creating a relaxed, comfortable, and luxurious resting space. The master bathroom, with its marble-patterned tiles and unique lighting design, elevates the bathing space to a high-end experience, resembling a hotel.

A home is the spiritual haven of a family and a witness to the passage of time. This more than 15-year-old house, after comprehensive renovation, has rekindled a unique sense of belonging.


旧屋翻新的设计着重考虑了空间规划的实用性。客厅中的旧柱子不再是阻挡,被巧妙地转化为精致的橱柜,提供了额外的收纳空间。这一变化不仅提高了空间利用率,还为客厅增添了一个愉悦的休闲角落, 更是对家庭生活方式带来跟多的活动空间, 营造出宽敞和连通的感觉。




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