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Interior Design Budget
6 weeks
Completion Year
Property Value
RM 1,200,000
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Interior Design Project Info

Dynamism makes up the language of the office space as the meandering walk-way connects people from every nook and cranny. The irregular angled forms frame up forthright thinking and direction of the company as a whole. Angled walls create dead spaces, but we put this to our full advantage to create more pocket spaces such as hidden meeting rooms and inviting open discussion areas. These pocket spaces and satellite meeting rooms are spread across the office to encourage efficiency and collaboration among employees.

Bold colours make up our staple expression, as corners of colourful rooms hint the excitement and adventure that PGMY is about to partake on. The energetic tube lights expand with a flare that creates connections between one workspace to another.

Work-life balance is apparent in our approach to combining a semi hot-desk space among the gaming lounge. Employees could choose to have various settings of work configuration namely- open high table discussion, enclosed workstation, bar table hot desks and standard workstations. The 10 meeting rooms and discussion areas come in several configurations too, such as daybed corners, open lounge with bean bags, high discussion tables, enclosed small and large meeting rooms.

The choice to treat yourself comfortably for work is endless. The way each employee uses an office has just been redefined.

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