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RM 362,000
12 weeks
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Modernized retro look.Cute and quirky vintage ideas for staircase area.Inspiration for a timeless wooden staircase.Friendly cats are everyone's dream and most likely to live in harmony in a multi cat household.Cat ornaments can help people live with less stress and increased contentment.Stairway gallery wall,maybe we don't need quite this many photo but you get the concept.Black adds sophistication,style and chic elegance to spaces and can be used in a variety of ways to fit in with the theme,style and size of your dining room.Mirror can be used to attract,move,or redirect energy,so it's important to choose the right type of mirror and best location.A mirror that reflects dining tables symbolizes abudance of food and invites prosperity.Add a mirror feature wall A favourite design trick is adding mirror to a compact space.It can visually double the size of the dining.Tree wall art as a focal point.It makes this scene feel almost fairy-tale!Beside of feature wall create a simple and clean I shaped home bar design.In Additional inspirational for working within a limited space remodeling job with older homes.Elegant open concept living room.Inspiration for a contemporary medium tone homogeneous tile floor living room remodel with beige wallpapers and a wall mounted TV.Having light sources on different planes makes the ceiling feel taller and gives the illusion of volume.Who mixed can lights,cove light,sconces,rope lights ,crystal light to achieve the proper effect.Reflective surfaces keep things light.Another crystal light fixture glows overhead.The feelings of luxury and warmth.

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