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12 weeks
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Others , Johor
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Interior Design Project Info

1)Who is the office for?
A Listed Global Leading EMS (Electronics Manufacturing services) Company.

2)Where is it located?
Senai Airport City

3)How large is the space?
Approx. 8000 sqft

4)What does it comprise of?
GF: Entrance Reception, Waiting area, Communal working booth, Discussion area, Luggage Storage for overseas guests, Meeting Rooms x 3, Board Room x 1, Outdoor koi pond & landscape, outdoor discussion/chill zone, Staff Pantry, Washroom

FF: Product Gallery, Board Room, Exclusive Bar, Bar Lounge seating, Awards Display Wall, Communal working booth.

5)How many people can it hold?
80 pax – 100 pax. This office facilitates international guests/clients/consultants who fly in through senai airport for meetings etc.

6)Was there an overall concept?
Concept was inspired to create established brand experience with an emphasis of human touch/a personal touch/ hospitality to replace the sterile & rigid image of this manufacturing giant. We aim to simply create a workplace experience that focuses on relationship building besides productivity/efficiency.

7)Did the client have any crucial/specific requirements?
A formal & exclusive board room with a twist – to be able transform into a fine dining/karaoke room for entertainment VIPs.

Product Gallery to showcase their motor mechanisms in a sophisticated art- gallery like manner.

Specific number of meeting rooms.

8)How was the concept executed?
Plenty of flexible spaces to facilitate human interactions. Welcoming & inviting
Spaces were designed with the intention of building relationships.

Introducing social spaces such as a dedicated bar & lounge creates a lifestyle/welcoming vibe crafting an experience which is more engaging & memorable. Being able to wine & dine exclusively in your own premise after business, leaves a strong impression on guests. The focus on building relationships though spaces differentiates them from their competitors.

Careful balance required to design work spaces that also function as entertainment spaces.

9)What kind of materials were used?
Premium yet Sustainable Carpet Tiles – Interface carpet
Premium Caesarstone for countertops
Neolith Stone for feature wall claddings
Titanium coated stainless steel panels

10)Tell us about the furniture, lighting, decoration, finishings.
Client understood the importance of investing in premium finishes to ensure the quality & durability.

Client infused his personal touch by adding one of his favorite art pieces into the bar lounge area. Sentimental value creates a sense of intimacy in the spaces. Definitely a conversational starter piece which invites him to share his personal story with his guests.
The landscape design at the courtyard was also carefully curated by the client himself.

11)Any interesting anecdotes that happened during the project you’ll like to share?
Making real life Mock ups for critical pieces of joinery - Working with a client that is detailed and experienced in renovations, mock ups are the way to go.
This helps to avoid any miscommunications & allows for adjustments until the client is comfortable to proceed with the actual joinery. This may be time consuming at the start but it sure prevents any dissatisfaction/cost implications if adjustments are required later on.

12)What challenges did you face, if any?
Working with a sector that is conservative in its approach to work place design.
A lot of time was spent transforming mindsets on how work places could function better with an integrated lifestyle - social spaces etc

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