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RM 90,000
10 weeks
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这是一间位于Molek Regency两房式公寓,屋主希望家能够简洁,个性,拥有足够的储藏空间,同时,也能够是一个静谧感的设计;所以,设计师通过不同材料组合,将原本规整的空间做了不同的细分,以简洁地形式,让空间足够实用;空间用色以白色和淡灰色为主,搭配木纹塑料地砖和摆设来丰富空间,以井然有序地方式,呈现空间之美;在这个有限的空间,享受的是一种生活品质。
This is a two-room condominium located at Molek Regency, owner hopes that the design could be a simple, stylish, with sufficient storage, and at the same time, it can be a serenity design; therefore, the designer uses different materials combination to transform the original space into few sections to make the space practical enough in a concise form; the main colours tone of the space consist of white and light grey, with wood grain SPC floor tiles and decoration to enrich the space to present the beauty of the space.

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