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36 weeks
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Interior design is not just concerned about how your home will look like, but it lays more stress on making the space more functional because it is often seen that where a small residence may have just everything pitch perfect with nice interior design and space saving tricks; a big home on the other hand can be often seen poorly interior designed and the space will appear visually constrained. Therefore, the role that interior designing plays is not less important than the architecture of your home when it comes to planning your interiors design.

Wainscoting is an easy way to add character to a room. It helps protect the drywall. Yes wainscoting has a design element, but it is also very practical! These panelling can help protect your drywall from scrapes, bumps, and marks left by your family and little ones. It’s a great decorative element. Visually, wainscoting can add texture and interest often without even adding a different colour! It helps a tall room feel fitting instead of cold and aloof. If you have a home with tall walls, adding panelling can make the room more “homey” instead of it being large and cold. Wainscoting enhances the room’s structure. The added wainscoting splits the wall into two sections and gives the eye a line that is easy to follow, adding to the room’s structure.

Having a well-designed cabinet is essential. It allows you to complete tasks easily, efficiently and safely. And since the cabinet is typically the most used room, it is important that the design be functional. Storage cabinets can be used for storing dry food, plates, containers, files, tools, shoes and many more. Storage cabinets can provide about twice the storage capacity compared to common shelving.

Mirrors can create the illusion of space and it is practical. It add light to your interior, just like windows. Feel free to use them in any place you wish like we do. We believe a well-placed mirror gives a room a bright and an open feeling.

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