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Interior Design Budget
RM 1,200,000
10 weeks
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IDPM Sdn Bhd A-3-10, Block Anson, Plaza Arkadia,
3, Jalan Intisari
52200 Desa Park City
WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

Concept Statement:
Fun Power performance | The “Chup” Moments | Dialogue

The starting point for the concept [ CHUP! Add ‘em to MYlife! ] originate from the one and only ‘Chup Dulu : Early Riser Gets the Steals’ Deal, a pre-booking feature on the Lazada app. The word ‘CHUP’ is often heard from the locals and was always one of the most common used Malaysian slang word coming to that meaning ‘wait’ or ‘I’ve claimed this!’ It is a unique blend of original, Malaysian, and slang words pulled from other vocabularies and languages that make our culture so endearing!

[ CHUP! Add ‘em to MYlife! ] seeks new understanding through the very Local Dialogue by adding hints and bits of Malaysia Cultures, set impulses and stimuli for holistic ideas that create multiple ‘Chup’ Moments across the interior spaces, that would offer employees the chance to retreat and find a private moment to balance the social, extroverted work of collaboration. The design concept extended to maximize the Fun Power Performance of how Malaysia known as the Culture and Ethnic Melting Pot and not to mention on the natural attractions that are simply beautiful to be part of the design concept to ensure that the interior space ells stories by its own at the end of the day!

So, Hold up! wait a minute, The journey has just begun!

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