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Interior Design & Architectural Budget
RM 1,200,000
48 weeks
Completion Year
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Level 6, MZH Centre Lot 330, Batu 8
Jalan Ulu Kelang (MRR2)
68000 Ampang
Selangor, Malaysia
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Interior Design & Architectural Project Info

Private Residence
Cygnia Cove, Waterford, Perth, Western Australia

Karai Villa is inspired by the local building system that has not been fully exploited in Western Australia as home building system. Karai Villa architect has seen great potential in the concrete tilt-up panel system in term of aesthetic, quality, speed and its characteristics. Most home builders are not interested in the system due to lack of understanding on the potential of the system and fail to understand how it can be easily integrated with building services and other building materials.

Architect of Karai Villa in collaboration with Ansai Pty Ltd, a WA tilt-up panel specialist has turned around the common rectangular tilt-up concrete panel into other shapes that concrete could allow. This modern Villa is derived from a simple plan and planes that are arranged to interesting form to suit the natural environment and local condition. The concrete panels which are normally dead in nature are created to become alive, dynamic. 

Karai Villa is build according to sustainable design principles. We design to save energy, water and money and yet comfortable to live in. Passive Design principles such as maximizing glazing on north-facing walls, minimizing opening on east and west-facing walls and cross ventilations are adopted to achieve these goals.

The interior spaces emphasize more on the outdoor living environment to maximize the comfortable long yearly cooling period. The interior and exterior spaces are integrated as one when necessary . As in most modern interior design concept, heavy decoration has been replaced by the well thought-out arrangement of spaces and the correct selection of furniture. The characteristics of the space with the correct balance and harmony will make the home a comfortable place to stay.

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