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Living in an art gallery without bring home the art gallery is what the owner wanted. A client who appreciate design and has good sense of art, open minded and understand the nature if construction and renovation.

We took over the project after the construction started, we were asked to redesign the whole layout and outlook of the building. The house consist of 4 floors, all areas are with high ceiling, from 4 meter to 5 meter. Doors and windows reached 3.6 meter at certain areas just to obtain the feel we wanted.

Our concept was to create a living space with art gallery environment, without art works everywhere, the beauty of materials and fixtures quality is the art we emphasised.

Main entrance, stairway & feature walls are as three dimensional as possible. Most materials are lasting and durable, polished concrete floor, thick texture granite wall and solid wood planks for floor & panels. Unique design furniture and decorative light from Bauhaus Rendezvous matched perfectly into the environment.

Interior Design & Architectural Works Included

Interior Design & Architectural Project Areas

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