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RM 1,100,000
78 weeks
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Archiplan Interior Design 2A, Jalan Bunga Ciku Dangan
11200 Tanjung Tokong
Penang, Malaysia
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Petaling Jaya, Selangor

A Metropolitan Retreat, A Relaxing Workplace
Glow Production is a digital game development and cinematic animation studio in Kuala Lumpur. The overall concept was to create a calm and serene environment in contrast to the concrete jungle outside the office space; to design a working space where going back to the office feels like a ‘retreat’ in the heart of KL’s metropolitan city. The goal is also to create a relaxing and cafe-style ambience for the Company’s visitors.

To build a toned down environment where one can focus on work without overwhelming pressure, a natural approach was strategised. We focused on creating a soothing visualisation of space with minimal man-made interference, including the choice of lighting by opening up the space to natural and smooth lighting, minimising the use of artificial light. Daytime ceiling with glass is used for the conference and meeting room, allowing natural light to flow right into the space, finished by simple walls with minimal distractions.

Complementing the concept of nature, bright, airy and earth-tone colours were preferred. Grey natural stones were used for the floor to mimic the Earth’s ground, whereas the white walls and beautifully exposed ceilings are open sky. Natural beige furnishings and desks made of premium plywood are sandwiched between these two elements, anchoring a feeling of being ‘down to Earth’.

The overall layout is one that is flexible and practical by the use of cluster-type desks with dividers, encouraging teamwork yet allows ample privacy for individual work when needed. On the First Floor, a special ‘Curved Room; was created using specially selected plywood with curved motifs, also reflected one the construction of the stairs with each step curing along different angles, adding a sense of privacy. This room has no sharp edges, embracing every individual into a welcoming space.

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