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Based on 4 elements on earth – Earth, Air, Sky and Water; we explore the relationship between people and the space they occupy.

This proposal is an attempt to literally and figuratively erode the distinctions between the natural world and the human. Or rather, to acknowledge that we, and the spaces we frame into something unique and exclusive, are fundamentally part of the natural world.

The first step is to step out of the concrete monster of the city and walk into the embrace of nature. Terracotta and brick were to propose as the floor finishes above the plinth for a touch of clay to our feet. Wide open doors and windows, perforated bricks and breeze tiles wall make ways for natural airflow ventilation; the gap between the corrugated metal sheet roof and the wall create an escape for moist air from the plantation site. Glass roof, solar panel and open-air courtyard have fully utilized the sunlight. Finally, who can resist the glamour of fancy showers and Jacuzzis with sunshine and birdsong?

Common Area
On first arrival, visitors are to be greeted by the barbeque area that highly encourages acquaintances and connection making activities. The bound of natural light from the outstanding white shade sail, and the surrounding plants make this area an Instagramic photo shooting spot; not to mention the perforated brick wall planes serve as a backdrop in the common area that very much in line with the contemporary aesthetic. The kitchen is outfitted with stainless steel cabinets that are durable enough for commercial use and a touch of breeze to the warm colour themed surrounding by its cool and slightly reflective look. Further inside is the dining room with pivot windows that control of the amount of airflow in the room, and a featured piece of solid wood dining table at the center of the room in contrasts to the stainless steel chairs. More chatting, and more photo shooting should happening in here.

Type A
Extending from the exterior, the palette inside the A-frame maintains earth tones.
Interior floor is finished with semi-handmade terracotta tiles and textured paint to the walls. A breeze tile wall painted in brick-red colour serves as a divider and bed sheer hanger to enhance the privacy and to reduce anxiety to the dramatic high ceiling. Accent lighting is used to accentuate architectural features and a pair of carved coconut floor lamps are strong proponents of nighttime lighting effects, providing visitors with a bonus scene after the excitement of the day.

In conclusion, the wholistic effect of the entanglement is interacting with its elements in harmony, intriguing visitor to discover and comprehend their surrounding through the entertainment of both physical and mental activity.

Type C
For the economic type, we keep thing simple. The A frame structure remain basic without excessive ornamentation. We added hints of cultural symbols to further explore the possibilities of tradional handicrafts and refurbished selected objects/areas with striking colours to make the interior look vibrant and fun!

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