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Dwiputra Residence 位于布城联邦直辖区,面积约为950方尺。室内为一厅三房二卫。设计师通过以简约主义为主的设计手法,配合温润浅雅的原木色彩,创造休闲且放松的纾压氛围。此外,在设计上也使用了纯白墙的设计概念,不仅营造了简单利落的无压力空间,同时也搭配洒落室内的阳光,让居宅轻盈感与温度更加提升,营造出一种清新的疗愈感受,让人能于此轻柔呼吸、感受时光缓慢地流逝,体会远离喧闹压力的生活感受。



Strategically located at Putrajaya Federal District, the 950 square feet space is well-equipped with one living room, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. With simplicity in mind, the designer created an atmosphere of casual and relaxation by using the natural wood colour as the foundation for the space. To complement the pure white walls, sunlight is used as the source of daytime illumination. The use of natural light does not only promote aesthetic benefits, but also to create a visually well-off space that is scientifically proven essential to our circadian rhythms.

Entering the room, the perfect blend of lights and lines leads to a calming open space. From the porch to the living room, it’s filled with modernism and tranquility with the tints of natural wood colour and modest white walls. By the means of classic furniture setting and use of white paints lavishly, the living space is clean and sharp with prominent contrast of lines and edges.

The layout of Dwiputra Residence is futuristically practical. The designer boldly transformed the space of the guest rooms and shared washroom into a contemporary master suite. This allows more flexibility in terms of space usage, for instance improvising the wardrobe space to an expansive walk-in closet, leaving rooms for study room and dressing table, and even for future baby cribs! Dwiputra Residence considers the holistic relationships between the layouts, dimensions, materials and light to give you an eclectic cozy home of classically elegant interiors.

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