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Deriv is one of the world’s largest online brokers. The operational new headquarters is located in Cyberjaya and is home to a majority of teams.

Our design team worked together striving to push the boundaries in bridging the aesthetics of traditional Japanese interior design while infusing the beauty of technological and futuristic elements that show that we also love advancement. Visitors are welcomed by the Red Torii entrance and Zen garden – an iconic visual appetizer to invoke the spirit of a peaceful warrior.

With the placement of the conference room, the traditional Japanese wooden ceiling panel serves the space by providing distinctive acoustic functions for good sound travel. The pantry is furnished with a beautiful varnished fluted teak wood panel & high tables, for traders to take a quick breather.

The sleek Shoji blinds with the Deriv logo to divides the pantry and working area. An aesthetic divide within the collective of the office so that there is a clear visual intention of every room being versatile, yet purposeful. Two big rounded pendant lights on with a Japanese Fan motif are placed between these two areas, featuring a golden black ukiyo-e art as the dining area's backdrop.

A tea room concept for the phone booth, delicately situated to direct a viewer's discerning eyes — a Shoji screen light panel is there with a zen stone garden, leading to a secret walkway. The Ukiyo-e wall and Traditional Japanese motif art empowers the viewer as they carry forward with their meetings. These graphics communicate Deriv's principles and acts as a story-telling design for the brand.

Other than being visually invigorating, it serves the entire office to connect people with the organization's vision and ethos. It also serves as a conversation starter. A neutral palette is used with simple, succinct textures and art to bring out the beauty of zen. As usual, every piece of furniture is carefully placed. Our key spotlight is the main office which looks like a co-working space to promote intimacy between employees so everyone feels supported in the company of one another.

We made this traditional, yet modern minimalist zen office for employees who value a Samurai and Utahime‘s way of life -- one of courage and beauty.

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