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10 weeks
Completion Year
Ipoh , Perak
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Northmos 44, Jalan Kelab Golf
30350 Ipoh
Perak, Malaysia
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Interior Design Project Info

As unique as the name sounds, Crystal Garden is a newly launched bar located in Ipoh that has the theme of Ice. We bet you have never seen this kind of bar anywhere else. The interior of the bar is very much inspired by the ice queen's mysterious frenzy and ice cave like igloos.

When stepping into the bar, you'll notice a lot of details have been done to create the ice ambience as if you just walked into an igloo like an eskimo. With the weather we have in Malaysia, just with the thought of entering this bar will definitely excites everybody. Plus, not forgetting one of the main attraction in every bar, the DJ desk. It is located high up at the first floor and easily viewable from any seating.

Our designer also added abstract element to the DJ backdrop as a focus of the bar. With the double volume high ceiling, it makes the whole space more comfortable. The lighting definitely plays a huge role in creating such a unique yet cosy ambience that would allow customers to have a different sense of enjoyment in the bar.

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