Contemporary Boho-Chic Style【轻松唯美 l 现代混搭 l 波西米亚风格 l 藤编元素】


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RM 200,000
4 weeks
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No 23A, First Floor, Persiaran Karpal Singh 2,
10300 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia
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et’s Fabulous with Rattan Touch!✨
It’s minimalist and eclectic at the same time. It features bright and neutral colors in the same space. The biggest contrast between the contemporary and bohemian styles is that the former is all sleek lines and clean aesthetics while the latter is all about visual clutter and a ton of texture. This project is an artful combination of retro vs. minimalist possibilities.
For Malaysians who grew up with their grandparents, a touch of rattan in their home can be a nostalgic representation of their once simple life. Like most trends that come and go over time, the trend of incorporating rattan into Malaysian homes has been a constant thanks to its TIMELESS design and lasting quality. Also, rattan is one of the materials that’s commonly found in Southeast Asia that reminds us of ancient memories.
In addition to that, rattan elements tend to add some warmth to a room. You can instantly feel a relaxing and inviting ambiance, that’s perfect for your home’s interior where COMFORT is key.



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