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𝑰𝒑𝒂𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒓 𝑺𝒆𝒓𝒊 𝑲𝒆𝒎𝒃𝒂𝒏𝒈𝒂𝒏 (𝑯𝑸) No.26 & 28, Jalan Indah 2/16, Taman Universiti Indah, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor
43300 Seri Kembangan
Selangor, Malaysia
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At Chloe in The Gardens Mall, our project showcases a seamless integration of design and ambiance. Our team has meticulously applied spray texture from wall to ceiling, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere throughout. The sandy feel of the texture adds a touch of warmth and comfort, evoking a sense of serenity reminiscent of the minimalist aesthetics of Muji. This approach not only enhances the visual appeal of the space but also contributes to a harmonious environment that resonates with patrons. As visitors explore Chloe's offerings, they are enveloped by the consistent and calming ambiance, fostering a sense of tranquility and relaxation. With careful attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, our project at Chloe promises to elevate the shopping experience, offering a sanctuary of style and comfort within The Gardens Mall.

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