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Remodeled and furnished this entire semi-d house for a young couple with two kids. The kitchen, dining area and walk-in closet were also extended to fully utilize the property for the family to live comfortably.

Soft and neutral hues seen throughout the entire home accentuated a predominantly white scheme for a minimalistic yet cozy ambiance. Every wood element in each space was designed to leave a mix of rawness to the modern aesthetic.

A mini island breakfast bar was opted for a perfect space to have a quick bite. A smaller living area was incorporated in front of the breakfast bar for lounging and relaxing purposes. The glass paneling above the kitchen sink was implemented to create an even more inclusive and interactive space.

The wood paneling partition in the master bedroom serves dual purposes whereby one side is a tv cabinet and the other side is a vanity. Though it is an open concept bedroom, the master walk-in wardrobe is partitioned off by a louvered paneled sliding door to create organized and functional spaces.

Marble stone, wood, and neutral stone tiles shaped the modernistic and contemporary vibe to the master bathroom. Complete with his and hers sinks with a wide wall hung mirror on top gave the shared space a generously roomy feel.

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