BOLD AND BLISSFULLY CHIC - Condominium, Petaling Jaya


Project Overview

Interior Design Budget
RM 520,000
48 weeks
Completion Year
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D 3-3 Pusat Komersial Parklane,
Jalan SS 7/26,
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Interior Design Project Info

This contemporary condo is a beautiful example of how minimalist design can be combined with expressive elements to create a unique and welcoming home for a couple and their young daughter while also taking into consideration the comfort of their two furry friends. The clever use of playful forms, bold accents, and interesting details provide functional solutions that cater to the family’s needs, yet effectively convey a distinct personality that reflects their tastes and preferences.

Geometric shapes uplift the streamlined design concept of this condo that the designers have subtly but strategically incorporated throughout the space. These take the form of furniture, decorative details, lighting, and patterns, providing hints of youthfulness that complement the family’s dynamic lifestyle. For example, circular cut-outs on doors and sharp silhouettes on chairs and tables give the space an edgy yet inviting character.

In the living room, a custom-made white bench by the window bay creates a comfortable spot for family time, while an eye-catching blue shelving unit doubles as a “cat highway” with high platforms and “rest-stops” for the feline residents. Next to it, the all-white dining area features an edgy white table surrounded by uniquely shaped chairs, complemented by futuristic lamps that add an ultra-modern vibe. The adjacent kitchen has a wood-dominant palette to complement the laid-back feel of the living spaces.

The rooms take on a softer approach. In the master bedroom, a plush and serene aesthetic is achieved using warm wood across different parts of the wall to break the monotony of the pristine white palette. Bright blue accents are used once again for the vanity top. Meanwhile, the girl’s bedroom and guestroom share a similar theme, with orange and green accents as the highlight colours. The condo also incorporates a home office, designed as a conducive space for focused work.

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