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The Café is set to occupy 2 shop lots of approximately 2,000 sq. ft. in the heart of Glo Damansara. Designed with a European, Self-Service, Affordable Eatery concept in mind, The Café will cater for a population of up to a 10km radius craving for the likes of freshly produced sandwiches, freshly squeezed fruit juices, bakery/sour-doughs/baguettes, brewed coffee, premium tea, gourmet pies, broth/soup and mouth-watering desserts.

1. Use of patio furniture to bring the outdoors in.
2. Use of pastel colors and light woods for a fun, cheerful and light hearted environment.
3. Have a multiple seating configurations so customers have a variety of seating options.
4. Use lighting to invoke a bright environment to stimulate freshness of the space as well as the food.

Its location - which is on the street level of one of the main entrances to the mall - and the aroma from the bakery section, will inevitably attract customers to the café.

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