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Interior Design Budget
RM 750,000
12 weeks
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Interior Design Project Info

Space Craft Interior is delighted to be able to collaborate with the financial education academy, the Big Brain Bank to design on their newest office located in Kota Damansara.

The aim is to create an urban environment where people can move freely between the two floors, therefore one of the inspirations we would like to highlight for this project is a sense of community, in other words the “ neighbourhood “ workspace.

We have reinvented the entire warehouse by harnessing the atrium at the centre of the building, which has been reimagined as a staircase with a full-width slow stairs leading up from the ground to the first floor creating an amphitheatre for seminars events and a meeting space for day to day use. Wrapping across the atrium, the walkway becomes the balconie looking back over the space as an informal theatre as the soul of the space.

Interior Design Works Included

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