Azelia Residence | Transitional Living


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10 weeks
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B-02-3A Vina Residency Jalan Seri Taming 2A
Off Persiaran Seri Taming
43200 Cheras
Selangor, Malaysia
+6019606xxxx +6018262xxxx
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Interior Design Project Info

Transitional Living is a very popular style because it borrows from both traditional and modern design to facilitate a space that’s not “too much,” in terms of one style or another. There’s a sense of balance that’s appealing and unexpected.

A transitional design may incorporate modern materials, such as steel and glass, and then unite them with plush furnishings.

Transitional design also includes relatively neutral colour palettes, creating a calming and relaxed space that manages to feel both stylish and sleek, as well as warm and inviting.

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