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Project Overview

Interior Design & Architectural Budget
RM 1,650,000
20 weeks
Completion Year
Property Value
RM 2,500,000
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457-1 jalan sri pulai 26, taman sri pulai 2, 457-1 jalan sri pulai 26
taman sri pulai 2
70400 Seremban
Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
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Interior Design & Architectural Project Info

Project Overview:
The Alvin House project involves a comprehensive redesign of the ground floor, with a focus on optimizing natural lighting, ventilation, and strategic space allocation for enhanced user experience.

Design Concept:
The design concept for Alvin House is a contemporary aesthetic, characterized by a color palette of black, grey, and white, with accents of natural marble and bronze. The aim is to create a sleek, modern, and inviting living space.

Key Features:

Kitchen Relocation:
The kitchen has been strategically relocated to the open side of the house to maximize natural lighting and ventilation.
Large windows and a skylight in the kitchen area ensure an abundance of natural light, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Living Room:
The living room features a unique 3D marble wall, protruding out from the main wall.
The color scheme in the living room creates a serene and sophisticated ambiance, with the natural marble as a standout feature.

Dining and Kitchen:
The dining area is designed to promote harmony and balance with a mirrored bronze cabinet.
The kitchen island with its bronze finish and mirrored surfaces enhances the feng shui by reflecting the dining area.

Master Bedroom:
The master bedroom is a peaceful retreat with a distinctive ceiling design that incorporates multiple curves.
Built-in cabinets contribute to a seamless, clutter-free environment.

Master Bathroom:
The master bathroom exudes tranquility with carefully selected marble finishes.
The choice of materials and layout creates a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

Challenges and Solutions:
The primary challenge was to reconfigure the ground floor layout effectively. This was resolved by relocating the kitchen and optimizing the use of natural lighting. Additionally, the marble wall in the living room and the mirrored elements in the dining and kitchen areas were innovative solutions to create a distinctive design.

The Alvin House project represents a thoughtfully designed contemporary space that maximizes natural lighting, promotes harmony, and offers an oasis of tranquility in the master bedroom and bathroom.

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