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JYong Concept Sdn. Bhd. Unit A1-17-16, Arcorise Business Suite,
No. 10, Jalan Kiara
50480 Mont Kiara
WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Inspired by a contemporary reinterpretation of Southeast Asian cultural influences, this Agile Mont Kiara private residence is a classy home with its very own charm and character.

Across the rooms, gentle neutral tones set up a peaceful, elegant background. Tropical colors like green, orange, beige, and brown are then infused into the rooms mainly through the furniture, to give the residence a warm personality. Natural lighting enter through wide glass doors or windows, softly reflecting off the polished marble floors or plain white walls. Accompanied by the occasional stone textured or patterned walls, the rooms feel organic, fresh, and rejuvenating. On the contemporary side, clean and well-defined straight lines are used to create symmetrical designs on the wall that add style, contrast, dimensions, and balance to the frame. Furniture selection mainly focused on two things: i) the accentuation of the overall minimalistic contemporary style through the use of furniture with simple geometric shapes that are full of charisma, and ii) the creation of a comfortable, high quality living environment through the use of a combination of textures and materials such as metal, marble, wood, leather, and high-end fabric.

There is, however, a subtle difference in colors across the different rooms. When it comes to the living room, tropical colors like orange and dark green come into play ever more boldly and vividly. Through the furniture, green plants, and stylish geometric designs on the wall, these colors emanate warmth, hospitality, and generosity that would welcome any guest to feel at home.

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