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About ST Concepts

ST CONCEPTS is a critically-acclaimed Malaysian interior design and furnishing practice based in George Town, Penang, operating in major Asian metropolitans such as Singapore, Bangkok, and Shanghai.

Founded in 2002 by Simon Yew, a renowned interior designer, and the business-inclined partner Terence Tang, ST CONCEPTS stands for the strong and immaculate designs and titivations that we provide to all of our prestigious clients all over the region.
Over the years, our firm has won numerous awards for the uncompromising attention to detail and ingenious design methods that we utilise in executing projects. We’ve been selected as the recipient of the Designer of The Year a total of 5 times, counting as recent as DOTY 2018. Some of the other awards we’ve received numerous times include the IIDA Interior Award, Penang Interior Design Award, Asia Design Award, and My Favourite ID Interior Design. In 2017, we were chosen to be given the Asia Most Prestigious Interior Design Award.
In addition to these awards, our works have appeared in the pages of many luxury interior design magazines, such as Asia Design and Designer Concept to name a few. The continuous support the media has shown us stands as a testament to the trust and respect the ID world has for our craft.

Background (Where Does It Come From)
Driven by their passion for interior design, two experienced visionaries by the names of Simon Yew and Terrence Tang came together in 2002 to create ST CONCEPTS, an inspired ID firm that offers a wide variety of design services. From residences and commercial spaces, to luxurious yachts, the dynamic duo is always at ready to cater to any of the clients’ needs and desires, providing them with cutting edge design and architectural solutions.
ST CONCEPTS is situated in George Town, where Penang-educated Simon and Penang-born Terrence have made their base seeking to be inspired by the heritage city’s thought-provoking architecture and amalgamation of cultures. The firm’s strategic location in Penang Island also allows them to harness the beauty of the landscape for inspirations to create sophisticated and aesthetic designs that the firm is well-known for.
The appellation ST CONCEPTS is an acronym of the names of the company’s two founders, Simon and Terrence. However, ST also stands for STRONG, STRATEGIC, and STIMULATING, three words that succinctly describe the design concepts of the firm.

Design Philosophy (Where Do We Use It)
At ST Concepts, we adhere to 3 main philosophies that we’ve chosen to represent who we are as a creative entity.
We believe that the power of design can be harnessed to break boundaries. By fully employing our ingenuity and creativity, we are able to turn what is deemed impossible to become possible through various forms of collaborations, such as brand integration, cultural infusion, and strategic product and designer partnerships.
Each one of our projects is treated with unique approach and attention. We understand that the need of each client is different, and thus we commit to clearly listening to the requirements and requests of every task for a more human-oriented methodology that finds the perfect balance between functional and aesthetic design features.
For us, no request by a client is too difficult or too unfeasible to bring to life. We strive to make any and every vision of a homeowner or space proprietor come to reality for ultimate customer satisfaction. In our books, impossible is not a fact; it’s just an opinion.

We offer comprehensive and sophisticated interior design and luxurious furnishing services for various outfits:
• EXHIBITION PROJECTS – from eye-catching show units and sales offices to club houses and common lounges
• PRIVATE RESIDENCES – beautiful homes be it landed, penthouse, or villas
• HOSPITALITY VENTURES – projects such as restaurants, bars, hotels, serviced apartments, and spas
• RETAIL ENDEAVOURS – shopping centres, visual merchandising, and specialty stores
• CORPORATE DEVELOPMENTS – offices and co-working spaces

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