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About Us

To us, innovation doesn't always come from designers or experts.
We believe every individual has innovations where it has its own essence and story behind it.

It is our passion to deliver the story and transform it into various design.
We want people to freely express their creativity, and to fill up the space.
We are here to design and build those ideas and deliver it back to all our clients, which we value most.

We value customer satisfaction and has been our top priority.
Hence, we emphasize on delivering invaluable services while maintaining long-term relationship with our client.

We are based in KL, but our services are not limited to KL area only.

Our Team

Step into the vibrant world of Prestige Home Avenue, where every project is a celebration of
creativity and collaboration. Our team is a diverse mix of design enthusiasts and
experienced craftsmen who make the magic happen.

Our designers infuse personality into every space, turning four walls into a canvas of
expression. The craftsmen ensure that our designs are not just beautiful but also functional
and durable. Meanwhile, our behind-the-scenes heroes keep the gears turning, making sure
every detail is executed superbly, and everything runs like a well-choreographed dance.
We're not just colleagues; we're a design family that thrives on shared passion and the joy of
bringing dream spaces to life.

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Prestige Home Avenue Sdn Bhd 3A-09, Wisma Aman Elite
Jalan Desa Aman 1, Desa Aman
56100 Cheras
WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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