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About Mandali Concept Sdn Bhd.

Mandali is a furniture factory was established in 2004. Mandali has been over eight years of history. We started in a small garden to take over some of the most simple furnishings. After eight years of baptism, we have successfully evolved from a small furniture factory stood a certain position in the large-scale projects. We play our efforts and indomitable spirit of successfully integrating the furniture and construction.During these eight years, we strive to maintain our brand and quality, must take the best the best skill and experience to our customers. Today Mandali numerous large corporate companies to agree for us to have been the customers we serve are very good evaluation for us to preach the same time! Mandali does not feel proud stopped our steps, because we leave our ideal is very far away, but we still maintain the best quality and workmanship to continue the future journey of Mandali.

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