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About Lemonfridge Studio Sdn Bhd

Lemonfridge Studio Malaysia, an esteemed extension of Lemonfridge Studio Singapore established in 2016, embodies a commitment to transcending the boundaries of conventional interior design. Founded with a vision by Jeffrey Lee, Renee Lim and Dester Chua, the studio has flourished in Malaysia, bringing a fresh perspective to design that emphasizes functionality intertwined with aesthetic elegance​​.

With a portfolio that spans from cosy apartments to grand landed properties, Lemonfridge Studio Malaysia demonstrates an ability to craft spaces that resonate with the individuality and lifestyle of each client. Their work is a testament to the studio's dedication to curating a space for their clients ensuring every project is a harmonious blend of comfort, style, and personal expression​​.

Lemonfridge Studio’s services are a reflection of their holistic approach to design, offering comprehensive solutions that include Design & Build and Design Consultation. The process is collaborative and client-focused, beginning with a deep dive into the client's vision and lifestyle, followed by creative problem-solving that integrates innovative design solutions. Budget planning and timeline management are approached with transparency and attention to detail, ensuring a smooth journey from concept to completion​​.

Lemonfridge Studio Malaysia is not just about creating spaces; it's about crafting experiences that enhance lives. Their philosophy, deeply inspired by Issey Miyake's notion that "Design is not for philosophy; it is for life," resonates through their work, making them a beacon of design excellence in Malaysia.

For a closer look at their transformative designs and to explore the possibilities for your own space, visit Lemonfridge Studio Malaysia.

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