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Anwill Design Sdn. Bhd. offers design and build service, which specializes in architecture, Anwill Design is a Design & Build Company which focuses on interior design and renovation. Relying on years of silently ploughing through this red ocean industry and with sharp insight on the overall market, Anwill Design decided to deepen into the high rise residential/ condo market and summarized the three major pain points that consumers facing during condo interior design & renovation; Firstly, the inability to visualize the design which leads to continuous development and communication errors. Secondly, consumers always hope to avoid cumbersome process and simplified the complicated communication due to the fast paced city lifestyle. Last of all, which is also the most key point, is the price can be controlled within the appropriate range.

As a result, Anwill Design launched Package A.D.A, hoping to provide one-stop (All In) interior design services through a supporting method. There are dedicated personnel starting from designing to execution; it assists the consumers to simplify the tedious processes into as easy as JUST BRING YOUR LUGGAGE, similar to hotel experience. In addition, to specifically present the design ideas, Anwill Design provides 4 trendy and popular designs (Design Selections) in advance, (including Scandinavian, Contemporary, Muji & Loft) for consumers to choose. This may help to determine the design elements and direction during the first meeting, improve communication efficiency, and avoid getting into communication errors. Moreover, Anwill Design also adopted a 360o All Angle 3D Rendering Preview Mode to maximize the presentation and design viewing experience, so that consumers able to grasp the brief design details in advance and avoid communication errors that will result in price spike. Apart from that, Anwill Design is also very particular about price positioning, and try to be within the Affordable range of about RM50 or RM60 per square foot; for example, a three-bedrooms and two-bathrooms unit with 1000 ft2, the overall renovation budget is about RM60,000, this allow consumers to have a clear picture of the price range in the early stages and leads both Anwill Design & consumer to be in the same Design-to-Cost framework.

In conclusion, Anwill Design is committed to provide solutions for interior design & renovation as cater to the trials and tribulations of consumers which staying high rise residential/ condo and hope to deliver the value of All-In, Design Selections and Affordable through Package A.D.A. Furthermore, Anwill Design is dedicated in providing quality services so that consumers can stay focused on their daily work and let the professional to handle the hassle without any worries. Last but not least, as client satisfaction is Anwill Design’s main priority, we always grateful that consumers putting trust on us by passing their unit to us and so, we will have to put full dedication and make every effort in returning them a Home.

Anwill Design是一家ID Company,有赖于多年默默耕耘的经验以及对市场的明锐的洞察,Anwill Design决定深耕公寓市场,并且归纳出消费者在公寓装修时面对的三大痛点:第一,无法具像化设计以致后续发展沟通失误连连、第二在快节奏的生活底下,消费者希望可以避开繁琐的步骤以及繁杂的沟通,化繁为简一键搞定、第三,消费者希望价位可以控制在合适的范围内。

于是,Anwill Design推出了 Package A.D.A,希望可以透過配套的方式,提供一站式(All In)的室内装修服务,从设计到执行都有专人处理,拥有如同住酒店般装修体验,就像是Slogan提到的拎包入住(JUST BRING YOUR LUGGAGE)一般。此外,为了具体呈现设计的部分,Anwill Design还预先提供了时下流行的四款设计(Design Selections),当中包括(Scandinavian, Contemporary, Muji,Loft)供消费者可以选择,这样一来, 就能够在第一次沟通时确定好设计的元素与方向,提升沟通效率,避免陷入沟通的误差。此外,为了更精准的还原整个设计,Anwill Design还采用了全方位无死角的预览模式(360o All Angle View),务必可以最大化的呈现整个设计,让消费者可以提前掌握设计细节,避免沟通失误而衍生出来的价格飙升问题。不但如此,在价格的定位方面,Anwill Design也非常讲究,希望可以把总体预算控制在每平方尺约五十至六十令吉的范围内(Affordable):若以一千方尺的三房二卫单位为例,总体的装修预算为六万令吉,让消费者在沟通的前期就对价位有一个清晰的概念。

简单来说,Anwill Design致力于提供解决消费者在公寓装修的痛点,希望透过Package A.D.A传递出 All In, Design Selections以及Affordable的价值,致力于提供优质服务,让消费者可以专注在自己的工作上,无后顾之忧的享受整个过程。因为Anwill Design始终相信,消费者买的是单位,而通过我们设计的叫家。

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