5 Things You Should Consider When Looking for the Perfect Fan

5 Things You Should Consider When Looking for the Perfect Fan

Lydia Lohshini by Lydia Lohshini on Oct 31, 2019
Why you should care

We’ve partnered with KDK to help Malaysian homeowners decide on the perfect ceiling fan for their home.

A ceiling fan is a must-have appliance in your home, especially with this unpredictable Malaysian weather. A quick search for ceiling fans will leave you with more questions than answers these days, so, we’re here to help.

Being tasked with finding the perfect ceiling fan can be overwhelming but we partnered with KDK, who have been industry professionals since 1909 to help give you the expert advice you’re looking for.

Here are 5 things you should consider to avoid buyer’s remorse.

1Let’s Talk Budget

Budget is a big part of purchasing home appliances and whether you’re on a tight budget or want to invest in a hi-tech piece, KDK has the options for you. The brand boasts a wide variety of fans, ranging from RM180 to RM1900. The economically friendly fans are ceiling fans with regulators or dials, the mid-range fans come with remote controls, while the luxe options come various other features such as temperature sensors and LED lights.

2Size Matters, Really

ceiling fanIt’s important to note that with ceiling fans, one size doesn’t fit all. The right fan will depend on the size and height of your room. In order for your fan to work optimally make sure buy a ceiling fan that is an appropriate size for your room. Here are some guidelines by KDK that will help you make your pick.

  • Allow at least 8 to 10 inches between the fan blades and the ceiling
  • Allow at least 40 inches between the fan blades and the walls
  • Allow at least 7 feet between the fan blades and floor
  • Allow at least 39 inches between the fan blades and a light fixture
3Consider the Airflow

You want to purchase a fan that will help circulate the air in your home so it’s important to know that there is a difference between three, four, and five-blade fans. The three-blade fans give off choppy air, while five-blade fans provide soft and natural air. Generally, all generated wind give off the same amount of wind. With three blades, the fan will generate strong and focused gusts while a five-blade fan, will provide you with a steady stream of air that is calming.

4Aesthetics are Important Too

KDK come in a number of colours, from white and grey to silver and bronze, meaning they could easily blend into your home. The ceiling fans also come in modern and minimalist designs with long or short blades. If you’re not sure which colour or design to opt for, why not use KDK’s app (available on Android and iOS) that has a ‘Place A Fan’ feature. This feature allows you to upload a picture of your room and select various KDK ceiling fan models to see which would best suit your space.

5Think of Additional Features

Want more from your fan than just cooling your home? Then consider the additional features that KDK fans offer. The brand carries a few types of remote control ceiling fans with unique features such as 1/f Yuragi (natural breeze) function which is a fluctuating pattern that helps generate a gentle breeze, LED lights with 3 levels of control, temperature sensors, ON and OFF timers, and as well sleep mode.

Although not all KDK ceiling fans come with these features, it’s good to note that all their ceiling fans come equipped with energy efficiency technology which helps reduce the cost of electricity over time. KDK fans come with a 5-star energy rating by the Energy Board, certifying that they are Sustainable and Green, allowing you to have a peace of mind.

Head over to KDK’s website to see their extensive range of ceiling fans today!

Why you should care

We’ve partnered with KDK to help Malaysian homeowners decide on the perfect ceiling fan for their home.

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