Terms of Service

  1. General
    1. Atap.co reserves the right to restrict, limit, or terminate the access of any party to its full or partial service. Reasons to which include but is not limited to negative feedback from property owners. Prior to such action, the party involved will be issued a minimum of two email warnings.
    2. Atap.co reserves the right to use your uploaded materials for marketing, advertising, and any other commercial purpose.
    3. Atap.co reserves the right to edit, delete, or remove any uploaded material in accordance to its brand guidelines and discretion.
    4. Atap.co reserves the right to revise package pricing without prior notice.
    5. The purchase of leads on the Lead Marketplace is strictly based on a first-come, first-serve basis. Disputes or appeals will not be entertained.
    6. Atap.co reserves the right to limit, amend, or cease promotional features (e.g. free leads) at any time, without prior notice.
    7. Atap.co does not condone abusive or vulgar language – expressed via verbal or written means – to any party involved with the platform and its channels, or on the platform and its channels. Atap.co reserves the right to ban accounts belonging to implicated parties.
    8. Atap.co strives to ensure all leads on the Lead Marketplace are genuinely approached, with all lead owners being treated as viable clients.
    9. Once a lead is unlocked, the interior designer must connect with the lead owner.
    10. If Atap.co is alerted to the fact that an unlocked lead is not contacted within three working days, Atap.co will issue the first warning to the interior designer. Subsequently, upon receiving two warnings, Atap.co reserves the right to suspend the interior designer’s access to free leads.
    11. In the event that Atap.co receives continuous complaints from lead owners, the interior designer’s profile will be suspended pending internal investigations.
    12. Atap.co strives to ensure all interior designers are active users, in order to maintain the reliability and reputation of our platform. To maintain an active account with visible contact details, interior designers are required to purchase at least one package with Atap.co every 24 months.

    13. Atap.co reserves the right to hide all contact details of profiles that we consider inactive.

    14. All branding packages are considered active for 24 months from the date of purchase.
    15. At the point of signing up for Atap.co’s products, services and packages, the interior designer affirms that the firm and/or the individual has every legal right and legal documentation to conduct business in the interior design and renovation industry.
    16. Atap.co reserves the right to make amendments to the Terms of Service as and when it deems necessary.
  2. Fulfilment Policy (Purchasing and Using Credits)
    1. Atap.co’s credit packages allow you to purchase leads. Follow these steps to purchase or top up your credits:
      1. Step 1: Browse package options.
      2. Step 2: Select your package and make payment via online bank transfer to us at:
        Bank: Public Bank
        Company: Mocento Sdn Bhd
        Account No.: 3177623730
      3. Step 3: The purchased credits will be added to your account within one working day of us receiving your payment receipt.
    2. All purchased packages entail benefits that will last for a maximum of two years, after which said benefits may or may not be offered based on the discrepancy of Atap.co.
  3. Terms of Sale 
    1. The amount invoiced shall be paid in accordance with the payment terms recorded in the invoice.
    2. Deposits paid are non-refundable nor transferable.
    3. In the event a deposit has been paid but the remaining balance is overdue, the deposited amount will be void 15 working days after the warning notice has been given.
    4.  If any amount owing by you for our services is 15 working days or more overdue, we reserve the right to restrict, limit, or terminate your access to the full or partial services rendered in your invoice with us so that all such obligations become payable and due immediately.
    5. All packages sold are non-cash refundable.
    6. Unless otherwise specified, all packages sold items must be utilised within 24 months.
    7. We reserve the right to change the fees for any service at any time, or impose additional fees and charges.
  4. How to Use Credits on Atap.co
    1. Credits are used to purchase interior design or renovation leads in the form of property owners’ contact details. Follow these steps to use your credits:
      1. Step 1: Visit the Lead Marketplace to browse for suitable leads based on the project requirements, location, budget, and more.
      2. Step 2: Purchase a lead by spending credits to attain the property owner’s contact details.
      3. Step 3: You can also purchase direct leads (requests made directly to your Atap.co company profile) by spending credits to attain the property owner’s contact details. You will receive these direct lead (quote request) notifications on your Atap.co account and via email.
      4. Step 4: Once you’ve purchased a lead, you can contact the property owner to discuss project requirements and offer a quote.
  5. Refunds
    1. Unless otherwise specified, all packages, credits, and promos sold by Atap.co are non-cash refundable.
    2. In the event a refund is requested, Atap.co will determine based on a case by case basis if a refund is feasible.
    3. Atap.co reserves the right to offer discounts or other forms of considerations in select circumstances at its sole discretion. Please note that each circumstance is unique, and Atap.co is not obligated to offer the same considerations to other parties.
  6. Credit Refunds on Leads
    1. If you encounter any of the following, please click on the refund button on your lead page to request for a refund:
      1. Upon first contact with the lead owner, you are informed that he/she has already engaged another interior designer.
      2. The lead owner has never responded to any of your calls, texts, and any other forms of your initiated communication.
    2. As our Customer Service team practices stringent verification processes to ensure the quality of leads, refunds will not be made for the following cases:
      1. Failure to agree on suitable meeting times between the interior designer and the lead owner.
      2. The lead owner has engaged another professional after the first contact with the interior designer.
      3. The lead owner has changed his/her mind in regards to the renovation, and decided not to engage the interior designer based on his/her own discretion.
    3. Refunds requests will only be considered within the following timeline and with the following supporting documents:
      1. Made within 15 days of unlocking the lead.
      2. First contact with the lead owner must be made within 3 days of unlocking the lead.
      3. Proof of legitimate interaction with the lead owner (screenshots of conversations with lead owners are mandatory) to ensure that the lead owner was genuinely approached and interest by the interior designer was properly conveyed.
    4. Once you have submitted your refund request, our Client Service team will look into your case, verify your report, and inform you of the validity of the refund request within 7 working days.
  7. Usage of Video Profiles
    1. As an added service, Atap.co offers the filming of interior designer profiles. In such cases, the full copyright of these videos belong to Atap.co, which reserves the right to restrict or terminate access or usage of the video by the interior designer featured, at any time and without prior notice.
    2. The video profiles can only be used and advertised with the explicit permission of Atap.co. In such cases, the video profiles must be used and advertised as is, with Atap.co’s watermark.
  8. Money-Back Guarantee Policy
    1. We’re confident in our ability to provide you with credible leads and we want you to share our confidence! Thus, we’re introducing our Money-Back Guarantee Policy for Atap Credit Packages purchased from May 2020 onwards!
    2. The Guarantee period will last 6 months from the date of purchase of the package or credit top-up, as per your invoice date. After the said 6 months have elapsed, no refunds shall be made.
    3. If you decide within the Guarantee period that you wish to request a refund of Atap.co credits for cash, you must notify us in writing after you have fulfilled ALL of the following conditions:
      1. You have unlocked at least 30 leads via the Atap.co platform with no successful closing. Free leads do not qualify under this circumstance.
      2. In the event that you have purchased a credit top-up package, only leads purchased and contacted after the date of purchase of said package are deemed eligible.
      3. Proof of your legitimate interaction with the 30 lead owners that have not been closed is to be provided to Atap.co. (Screenshots of conversations with lead owners are mandatory).
      4. If you have amassed more than 30 unsuccessful leads, you are only required to disclose the first 30 leads to Atap.co.
      5. Once Atap.co has verified that all 30 lead owners were genuinely approached by you, in a manner consistent with your best effort (as deemed reasonable to all parties), we will begin your refund process.
      6. Your company profile on Atap.co must contain at least three projects at the point of you approaching the 30 lead owners.
      7. In the event that you do not meet ALL of these criteria, Atap.co reserves the right to reject the refund request.
    4. This money-back guarantee policy is only applicable for Atap Credit Package and Credit top-up purchases from May 2020 onwards only.

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