Party Time Set up Your Own Bar at Home

Party Time! Set up Your Own Bar at Home

Why you should care

Forget over-priced drinks, migraine-inducing music, and smoky air. Home bars are the way to go!

You love your fun get-togethers with and in high spirits, but age is catching up and you’re ready to go home by 9pm. House parties to the rescue!

We show you how to sit back and entertain in the comfort of your own house and house slippers.

Which Bar is Right For You?

The answer is all of them, but here are some different styles you can choose from.

Liquor Basket or Tray

bar in a basket


A beautiful wicker basket or tray on a console table with matching caddies for your napkins and accessories is all you need if you’re looking for something fuss-free.

Book Case Bar

bookcase bar


Alternatively, set your bottles on display along with your books and knick-knacks where they add an edge to your artistic sensibilities.

Bar Cart

metallic bar cart


A bar cart is the tea trolley’s sexier, older sister. This is ideal if you’ve got a small collection but want your drinks, accessories, and glassware in one place. Add a touch of whimsy with flower vases and a soft colour palette. You can also paint your cart in warm metallic colours that match your bar stools.

The bar cart is especially great if you’ve got limited space far from your guests – you can wheel it to your seated area whenever you have company.

Vintage Bar Cabinet

bar cabinet


You might have seen one of these when visiting that cool grand uncle who always offered you a drink, to your parents’ horror. A bar cabinet works well if you want to keep your drinks or habits away from prying eyes. Update the look by refurbishing an old cabinet or dresser with a fresh paint job, and setting it in front of a gallery wall.

Built-in Bar Unit

built in bar


built in bar unit


A built-in bar unit is a great way to utilise nooks and corners in a small home. Read our article on built-in hacks for more inspiration.

Mini Bar

mini bar home


The cutest of them all, the mini bar is ideal for couples or solo drinking.

Traditional Bar

traditional bar home


A traditional bar looks and feels a lot like a kitchen with a countertop. However, there are a couple of things to take note of:

  • Unlike countertops, bar tops come with moulding that prevents spills after your guests have had one too many drinks, and gives them a place to rest their elbows and consciences.
  • There should be an 11″ – 12” gap between your bar stool and bar top.
  • The best bar tops have an “overhang” to give your knees space.
  • Professional bars come with a lower counter where your favourite Hottie McBartender usually prepares your drinks. We suggest skipping it because it adds unnecessary complexity; opt for a back bar instead.
  • Swap your usual kitchen furnishings with wall-mounted glassware racks, liquor cabinets, and a back bar with drip tray.

What Else Do You Need?

It’s important that your accessories tie into your larger design scheme; you don’t want your red plastic pail of ice to ruin the aesthetic of your carefully crafted bar.

The Basics

bar accessories home


  • Ice bucket with tongs
  • Glassware (these can include wine glasses, beer mugs, shot glasses, rocks glasses, etc. You don’t need them all; pick your poison)
  • Whiskey stones (these keep your drinks chilled without the dilution that comes with ice)
  • Corkscrew
  • Bottle opener
  • Bottle stopper
  • Pourer (this fits over your bottle neck for a faster and cleaner pour)
  • Coasters
  • Straws
  • Stirrers
  • Napkins

The Cocktail Lover

These are great additions if you love whipping up your own cocktails.

  • Jigger (this is a small glass for measuring spirits and alcohol for your cocktail)
  • Citrus press
  • Blender
  • Muddler (this is a utensil for mashing fresh ingredients into your drink)
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Hawthorne or julep strainer (great for removing ice, fruit, and other solids from your cocktail)
  • Bar spoon (a long-handled spoon for mixing drinks, even in tall jugs and tumblers)
  • Cocktail bowls or jugs
  • Cutting board and paring knife for garnishes

If you’re looking to entertain large parties, you should also think about investing in a kegerator, refrigerator, glassware racks, ice maker, ice bin, bar caddy, beverage dispensers, and containers for condiments. You’re now ready to rock and roll into that comfy couch with a drink in hand.

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Why you should care

Forget over-priced drinks, migraine-inducing music, and smoky air. Home bars are the way to go!

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