Why you should care

Just because your work is banal, doesn’t mean your home office has to be too.

Inspiration can be found in a picture, a word, and even a mood. Where inspiration cannot be found however, is in a white box you call a home office.

So trade in that serious looking calendar from your insurance provider, for these items that are sure to inject zen into your space.

An Office With a View

Everyone wants the office with a view because it gives you a visual break from work. It’s also nearer to the potato chips in the pantry, but also, that visual break. Which room do you think you’ll feel less aggravated in – a windowless room or one with a view of your neighbour’s flower bed and pup, Rocky? Pick a space in the home with windows and a view. Windows also mean fresh air and…

Home office nice view

SOURCE: hgtv.com

Lighting is Everything

…natural light. “The best kind of light is natural light”, is a rule applied to selfies and interior design. Natural light is easiest on the eyes and great for your electricity bill. Supplement natural light with overhead lighting like recessed lights and task lighting like a table lamp. To prevent glare, don’t direct the lamp at the computer screen, and don’t place the screen in front of the window.

Home office big window

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Colours Affect Your Mood

Your room colour – be it wall paint, furniture, or accessories – can really affect your mood. Blues and greens calm the mind while yellows evoke warmth and happiness. If your work requires focus, then go with the former; if you want a fun home office to evoke creativity, go with the latter.

Green study room

SOURCE: hearthomemag.co.uk

Clear Room, Clear Mind

Not being able to locate that one folder, or needing to sweep away loose pens to make space for your laptop is aggravating. This creates unnecessary stress, affecting your work. Make sure that the area right in front of you and a little to the sides of that are always free for you to freely work and move around on.

This means getting cable organisers, cabinets or labels for your files, and stationery holders. The same rule applies to your desktop – make sure to organise it with folders and stow away files that you don’t need quick and immediate access to.

IKEA KVISSLE cable box

SOURCE: Ikea.com

Make a Nest Out of Your Chair

The chair is the single most important piece of furniture in your home office. Since you’ll be perched that for long hours, buy a reclining, ergonomic chair that you can kick back on when you just can’t crack a problem. If you don’t want to invest in a chair, then get additional back support or cushion.

Hang a Happy on Your Wall

Whether it’s a piece of art that makes you smile, a picture of your dream vacation, or a quote that inspires you, hang a mood-lifting piece on the wall. Work can be a drag, or can be stressful, so having something to look at for a visual and mental escape will relax you.

Home office quote wall

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Greens are Good for You

Remember how we said green is calming? Add some actual plants to the room. Not only do they inject life, freshness, and tranquillity to the home office, certain plants even clear the air!

Plants workspace

SOURCE: notey.com

Smells Like Zen

For extra calming effect, burn a scented candle, or switch on a diffuser loaded with calming scents like lemon, lavender, and rosemary.

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Why you should care

Just because your work is banal, doesn’t mean your home office has to be too.

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